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Thank you for checking out our policies!  We try to be as thorough as possible to answer all of your questions, however, please feel free to contact us via email at, or our toll free number here at the studio 877-452-3891.

the process:

When you find a design that you love and want to move forward, here are five simple steps:
      1. Forward your invite verbiage, details, and quantities to    

      2. We will create pdf proofs for your review.  Along with it, we will provide a detailed order form listing the price
          of the piece(s) that you desire.

      3. If you love it, then provide your payment information.  If you need some revisions to the design, we will
          promptly take care of them until you are delighted.     

      4. When we receive your payment, we will schedule your project, and give you an estimated production date and
          shipment date.

      5. When we ship, we will forward tracking confirmation numbers so that you can track your items.

gathering verbiage:

We understand things change! In our experience, we have found that after you submit verbiage it may take up to a few days for you to decide that perhaps you want just a few details changed…

In consideration of this, we give you a modest 2-3 day pause before we actually have an artisan create your pdf proof.  Upon reviewing your proof, you will have another chance to make any last revisions.

If you decide after the 2nd pdf proof that you need to make changes again we’d be more than happy to make another revision, for a modest re-design fee of $17.50 (or $35.00 an hour) due to the time and labor involved with re-opening your specific file. 

(Of course this does exclude any errors or typos on our behalf.)


We give each customer as much attention as we can.  Sometimes we get overwhelmed with proof requests.  We try to provide proofs in five business days on established designs; custom design requests may take up to two full weeks. 
We understand that you are excited and anxious to see your work of art, and really appreciate your patience (it will be worth it!)


Most of our projects fall between $7 - $15 per suite, depending on the printing techniques, quantity and number of items.  Your costs may vary based on a myriad of choices.  To help you make an informed decision, we price everything “a la carte” so that you can see exactly what is involved in building your invitations to your specifications.

When you commission a KatBlu project, your invitations will be created by professional artists, every step of the way.  Artists, just like everybody else, have mortgages, kids, and car payments.  We do our absolute best to keep costs within reach, but these are NOT mass produced items like what you find in the mass market and therefore to be compared to them… well, it’s like comparing a Mercedes to a Honda.


Make sure you calculate your quantities to include at least 10% more than anticipated.  You would be surprised how many requests we get after we ship for “10 extra.” Going back into production is very costly and time consuming.

Going back into production will cost you a minimum of $35 change order fee plus the costs of materials and time which can easily be 2 -3 times the “each” cost of the normal production run.

quotes and estimates:

We are happy to provide price estimates at any time.  However, because our costs change, we reserve the right to adjust prices as necessary.  Therefore, price estimates are not firm until you make your purchase.

turnaround time - production:

Everything that we do is custom made per order.  We fulfill orders as we receive them.  Because of this, we do not accept rush projects as it is not fair to our other customers who have been patiently waiting for their items.  We try to maintain a 21 day turn around on orders, with most projects shipping in 10 business days or less.  Occasionally, we need the extra time, we appreciate your patience!  When you place your order, please remind us when you need them, and we always do our best to work within your timeframe.


When you order a sample, we will send whatever color that we have in inventory.  If you request a special color, we will include a color swatch of it.  If you request any special modifications or custom color sample, it may take up to 2 weeks for us to ship, and will require a minimum $30 fee.


If you request a physical mock-up of your order prior to receiving the entire order, we will charge your account $35.00 for the first one, and $15.00 for additional mock-ups.  They must ship to the same address or we will need to charge $35.00 each.

In order to create a mock-up, we need to schedule it into our production schedule, so please allow up to 2 weeks
for it to ship. 


Please note that it will also be a digital replica of your invite, in case you are ordering a specialty printed item.


We ship United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail – 2-3 day delivery.  We will provide a shipping confirmation at time of shipping.  We pack everything securely, but we cannot be held responsible for damage from shipping companies, natural disasters, and other unforeseen dangers.

rush delivery:

Overnite shipments will be sent FedEx unless you specify differently.  We will process payment for the rush delivery based on what the courier’s current charges.

international shipping:

We love our international customers!  In order for you to receive a tracking confirmation, we ship United States Postal Service Global Express.  We ask that, if you know that your country has postal challenges, then please request FedEx service instead. We will adjust the costs accordingly. We cannot be held responsible for delays or damage, or any additional tariffs.

If you would prefer to save money, and have plenty of time, you might consider allowing us to send your order USPS First Class international.  This will bring your shipping costs down significantly, but we cannot guarantee safe and timely arrival.

And speaking of time, please understand that customs delays are common for certain countries.  Please make sure that you leave up to six weeks for your items to clear your customs department.  If you do not have six weeks for shipping, then PLEASE let us know right away so that we can ship expedited service.  It will cost more, but you will have the assurance of receiving it on time. 

Please note: We no longer ship to various parts of the world.  Please confirm your shipping destination upfront to ensure that we can fulfill your order.

returns and exchanges:

You will be delighted with your order!  But should something go amiss, please let us know within one week of receiving it so that we can make it right. As these are custom-made for you, we cannot accept any returns except for incorrectly shipped items.  You will need to return the items to receive a refund.

more information:

Should you have more questions, please call into the studio at 877.452.3891 and one of our friendly staff will be there to help you through the process.

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